The Australian meat processing industry is well positioned for stable growth to supply global markets of expanding population, as a source of ‘clean’ food unaffected by exotic diseases found in other countries.  It is also an industry that has continued to prosper through globilisation and continued drought that affects livestock production.  It is a stable and expanding industry for engineering employment.

Meateng’s clients operate in rural areas of all Australian states, requiring periodic travel to service clients during project development, with extended on site location during project commissioning.  A small proportion of Meateng’s projects are overseas.

Meateng needs engineering project managers and designers, experienced specifically in meat processing, or more generally in food processing; in the field of process layout, refrigeration, electrical, architectural and environmental.  Opportunities for qualified professionals and draftsmen exist.

Applicants need to be tolerant and comfortable with the humane slaughter and processing of animals for human consumption.

Applicants should forward resumes to the attention of:

Stephen Harvey

Email: Stephen.harvey@meateng.com.au

Phone: +61 3 9836 6688